February 15, 2019 - Had a great time at Berlin Film Festival, hope to release good news soon! 


December 22, 2018 - Be sure to find us at the EFM at Berlin International Film Festival. Mitch Smith Media and our Director Tash Ann will be there pitching 24/7. 


December 1, 2018 - We are officially working with Forest Road Financing and Technicolor Postworks. Excited to enter our final phases of fundraising. 


November 23, 2018 - We are happy to announce that Tim Russ has signed a letter of intent to play Sid in 24/7! You may recognize Tim from Spaceballs and Star Trek: Voyager among other things. 

August 1, 2018 - We have begun to revamp our pitch materials, get storyboards put together and we have officially switched our location hunt to New Jersey! Big things are coming!


July 8, 2018 - We are happy to announce that we will be working wtih Lisa London at London Stroud Casting to put together the best possible cast!