the Director

24/7 is a psychological thriller that to me centers on our main character Daisy's struggle for survival and reckoning with herself. 

What I love about the story is that it allows Daisy to be flawed and to be multidimensional. This is the story of her life, of her redemption and of her fight for her life. She exists in a secluded world, dictated both by her past and by her overnight diner job. 

She is met in this story by Jason, exactly the kind of smooth talking man that makes her uneasy. I like that to most people Jason would immediately peak their interest but to Daisy he raises alarm bells. She does not trust people, and usually for good reason. 

Though a majority of the movie happens in a flow of action, it is my intention to ground each moment deeply in humanity so that we are really experiencing this event right along side Daisy. 

If you would like to see a better illustration of my vision for this project, please click the link below to view my Directors Vision Book and take a peek at the storboards below. 

You can also visit my personal website at or find me on instagram and twitter to keep up with the project and other adventures! 


Tash Ann 

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