Logline: A waitress held hostage in an overnight diner must face her own demons in order to survive the night.



Synopsis | It’s the start of another long dreary night for Daisy, the sole waitress in the 24/7 Diner at the edge of her small Kentucky town. A self-medicated manic-depressant, the solitude the empty diner provides is just what Daisy needs…or so she thinks. But things are about to get much less calm and lot more dangerous because Daisy has a new customer: Jason.

Jason is as smooth as Kentucky Bourbon and as sharp as a hatchet’s edge, yet Daisy can’t shake the unsettling feeling that fills the diner. When the man Jason is meeting arrives, Daisy bottles up her inner panic and chalks it up to her bipolar disorder or a side-effect of her many medications.

Just as her nerves begin to calm, Jason brutally murders the man with a kitchen knife, leaving Daisy stupefied and trapped.

Jason has three more kills to make tonight and offers Daisy a chance for survival: Do everything he says or die. With no other option, she accepts her deal with the devil.

As the night goes on, Daisy struggles to keep her grasp on reality. Jason methodically works his way down the list – killing anyone who gets in his way - which leaves Daisy torn between escaping and saving as many lives as she can, revealing painful truths about her past as well as Jason's.

The only way Daisy will survive the night is if she confronts her demons, both real and imagined, and prevents her captor from completing his assignment.

RIP REEL -24/7


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Written by: Mitch Smith
Director: Tash Ann 
Producer: Mitch Smith


  • 95 pages 

  • Psychological Thriller

  • Low-Budget friendly

  • Two leads, THREE supporting, 9 day player

  • Single location, single day script

  • Features a strong female lead

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